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What Are the Most Effective Ways to Handle News in Office 365?

Being able to communicate and acknowledge employees in a spontaneous and instant way is a must-have ability for all organizations. This makes it easier to bind your organization doesn’t matter even if it is a 10-member team or a 1000-member group. Office 365 can spread news and information across your organization effectively. Here are 5 ways to reach out to your employees using Office 365.   

SharePoint Home News

The new SharePoint Home consists of a News section that showcases all the latest articles from your team sites in one place. The user will get a quick glimpse of all that is happening around, and every important information that makes them updated. News web part in team sites is also a fantastic way to make all news and relevant information reach everyone in your organization.

News in Communication Site

A communication site is another great way to share news across your organization like that of an intranet. They can be used for sharing content, stories, messages, display a service, etc.  

News via Microsoft Teams Channels

Another effective way to share news within your organization is to use the Microsoft Teams. It is a great instant messaging tool, which also allows creating various channels to deal with different topics that your team need to address. This works perfectly for any business with a total strength of less than 250.  

Publishing Sites News

This is another sensible way to share the news. Basically, publishing sites are a SharePoint Site template which comes with interesting publishing features. Variations, navigation, check in/check out, and Approval workflows are some of the best features of publishing sites.

Announcements via Yammer

Yammer can be utilized for sharing internal news, successes, updates, appreciations and more. This enterprise social network let employees interact and engage in a way like popular social networks. Yammer also offers better scope for information broadcasting when compared to SharePoint sites.

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Alex K Joseph