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Blog:SharePoint Intranet Portal Development Tips

Handle SharePoint Intranet Portal Development Smartly

SharePoint Intranet Portals can do great things to help your teams collaborate and communicate exceptionally. You need to handle the SharePoint intranet Portal Development smartly to ensure best results. It is important to clear all misunderstandings regarding the process to avoid data sprawling or other difficulties. As admins fear of such unfortunate outcomes, they usually do not promote SharePoint Intranet Portal Development. Below we are describing the three basic options left to you in governing the SharePoint Intranet Portal Development.

Enable SharePoint Intranet Portal Development for Everyone

The most effective and beneficial option in this list is this one. Let users explore or use all the available tools and features benefit you in multiple ways. It even brings a bigger positive impact on the Office 365 Adoption rate. It also makes it easier for teams to build necessary resources easier.

Disable Self-Service Group Creation

Disabling the self-service group creation ability is one of the easiest and quickest way to avoid all possible data sprawl and mess. However, this isn’t a perfect solution for all productivity and sustainability challenges you face after that point. As users will keep asking for permissions for performing things, it will be a bigger headache.

Giving Group Creation Rights to Selected Users

The third way to handle the self-service group creation in Office 365 is to limit the people who can use this functionality. Pick those users who have good skills and practice in creating and managing Office 365 groups. In that case, include all those users into a security group and disable self-service group creation for all other users. You can get this done easily by running a PowerShell script. Reversing this action can also be done using a simple script.

You might be tempted to disable or limit the self-service group creation functionality considering the data sprawl it may trigger. When considering the overall positive highlights of the Office 365 tools and features, restricting using from easy creation of groups will have a negative impact on the overall workflow for sure. You can always create policies and enforce them to guarantee that they always comply with your organizational demands.

About Dock 365 Intranet Portal

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