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As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Collaboration and Content, Global Infonet brings over 17 years of SharePoint development experience to each intranet portal we develop. Our team works with businesses to build enterprise-level, modern intranet portals from the ground up to meet their needs. At Global Infonet, our goal is to leverage the power of SharePoint and Office 365 to provide your team with powerful, intuitive tools and resources they can use to stay productive anytime, anywhere.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with companies from a wide range of industries including healthcare, construction, education, nonprofit work, banking, and finance. We bring a multi-disciplinary approach to each project, and we look forward to seeing what we can do for you. 

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What You'll Get

Communications Networking

We build our intranet portals with collaboration in mind. Each intranet we develop comes jam packed with a wide range of communications features that your company can use to stay updated on the latest organization news and with each other.

Unique Department Portals

We know that each department has different needs. That’s why we build each department portal’s layout and features to match the requirements and work of each department in your organization.

Content Management

Each intranet comes with a powerful content management system that makes sorting and collaborating on your documents extremely easy. You’ll be able to create, share, and search for documents easily.

Mobile Apps

Depending on your needs, we can develop custom apps that allow you employees to access your intranet portal from their phones or other devices. This way, they can get their jobs done from wherever they are.

Social Intranet

As the digital workplace develops, it’s important to provide a space for employees to work, socialize, and build relationships. We build social features all throughout our intranets to give users a voice and keep them connected.

Custom Workflows

Our custom intranet portals make heavy use of SharePoint workflows to automate many of your important processes. This allows you to spend less time on tedious tasks and more on what’s important.

Integrations and Apps

We build our intranet portals to match with any third-party apps or programs your company uses. That way, you can access everything your need all from within one centralized location.

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What we do

Full Analysis

Before we begin any project, our team performs a full analysis of your company’s current capabilities and needs to determine how we will build you intranet portal.


During this phase, we take the information we gathered from our analysis and your marketing team to build a custom, fully branded intranet portal.


Once everything has been built out and you have approved it, we’ll get to work deploying your brand-new modern intranet portal.


As we build your portal, our team will reach out to your marketing team to implement your company’s branding and image in your custom intranet portal.


Once everything has been built out and you have approved it, we’ll get to work deploying your brand-new modern intranet portal.

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