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High Adoption Rates in Custom SharePoint Project Management

Businesses adopt various technologies and tactics to stay in maximum efficiency and form. There are different platforms and tools available today that makes it easier for organizations to handle their processes smartly. Office 365 is one such platform that offers great support and power for businesses to get work done exceptionally. Project Management is one area that most businesses are giving more importance today. Custom SharePoint Project management Solutions have better user-adoption rate when compared to others.

No doubt that the simplicity and powerful features of Office 365 is the reason behind its great effectiveness. It can not only enhance productivity, but also the time taken for various planning and organizing tasks. Here are the top reasons behind the high user-adoption rate of custom SharePoint

The Unique Factors

Custom SharePoint Project Management System is designed to manage projects and tasks with a single login in a secure Office 365 environment. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Unmatched Flexibility

There are plenty of factors that make Custom Project Management Solutions flexible. Central repository for data eliminates silos. Additionally, the mobile-friendly features, enable users to access data from anywhere and anytime. This speed up the workflows as employees can work more flexibly. Not just about workflows, subscribers can enjoy the same flexibility for projects. Be it an easy project or a complex one involving hundreds of people.  

Great Integration

Integration is highly important from the project management perspective. Powered by Office 365, integration comes naturally as with other Microsoft products. This helps to avoid the need to use 3rd party software. The seamless integration ensures that you have a comprehensive set of tools required to complete a project successfully.

Best-In-Class Customization

Do you want a customized project portal? Are you a control freak who loves to organize documents in a specific way? Custom SharePoint Project management solutions have tailored features to manage tasks and track them efficiently.

Easy Task Management    

Tasks are an integral part of projects. With the project management solution, you can now easily add, create different tasks, assign it to project members and set the status, start date, end date and priority.  Not just tasks, you can even add task details like Updates, Files and History.

Simple and Fast Data Access

Powered by Office 365, the platform enables users to easily share documents, files, the latest version of project reports from anywhere and anytime in just a few clicks. Whether you are in your cubicle or at the beach, take your project on the go.

Excellent Search

Living in a search-driven world, our lives are unimaginable without Google. The same logic applies for projects too. More than often you would need a document or file from a project that someone did 2 years ago. As with SharePoint/Office 365, NextGen solution comes with advanced search capabilities.


Alex K Joseph