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5 Tips to Make Employees Involve in SharePoint Intranet Portal Development

SharePoint intranet portal development is a hot topic, discussions on it can generate a lot of ideas and solutions. The content created from chats and discussions may not look useful now, but it can lead to fruitful outcomes in the future.SharePoint Intranets are all about promoting and encouraging people to communicate and collaborate. While deploying a new intranet to your organization, you need to prepare your employees to start using them well. It might take a few weeks for them to completely get adapted to the new environment and features. One great approach to encourage everyone in using the intranet is by starting discussions and chats on SharePoint intranet portal development.

Here are five practical tips to make your employees get involved in intranet discussions.

Understand the Challenges Faced by Users

Before encouraging people to be part of discussions, you need to consider the background from which they are coming. The work environment they earlier had is important and it should be considered. The skill level and involvement of employees who are familiar with a different intranet platform before, and those who do not have an intranet experience will be different. The right people can generate great ideas, include them in SharePoint intranet portal development discussions.

Training Makes It Better

Training should be provided as per your findings in the first stage. People with prior experience working with an intranet platform should be provided information on what are the differences the current system has compared to the previous one. For others, a more comprehensive training program is necessary. Even people with previous experience might not take part in intranet discussions quickly. Focused training videos and programs can help them.

Team Leaders and Managers Can Encourage

One common doubt in everyone’s mind will be about what type of questions can be asked and what topics they can start discussing in SharePoint intranet portal development discussions. Team Leaders and Managers can set an example by starting a few discussions based on common issues.

Redirect Users to Appropriate Communication Forums

Check how your employees are currently finding solutions to the problems they are facing, or answers. HR and IT departments will be the ones that are getting most queries. Ask them to redirect users to appropriate discussion forums. It will not only make it easier for them to find answers, but the HR and IT departments will be able to focus on more productive tasks.

Analyze participation Continuously

Not all employees start a discussion or make inputs frequently, but everyone should observe the activities and collect knowledge from them. Keep monitoring the discussions and guide them to great results.

Finding an Intranet that makes it easier to get adapted to your business operations and daily workflow is the key. Dock 365 SharePoint Intranet gives you a good start!


Alex K Joseph