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4 Factors to Consider Before Branding SharePoint Sites with Classic Experience

In Modern SharePoint Online Experience, branding sites is easy. There are a lot of easy-to-do customization features. When it comes to site branding processes in classic experience, the default themes need to be treated with some considerable number of SharePoint customization to satisfy your branding objectives. They aren’t very responsive and demands custom master pages or alternate CSS configurations.  Here are 4 factors to consider before branding SharePoint Sites with Classic Experience.

Brand Consistency

The first thing to consider when carrying out a branding process for SharePoint Sites is to determine the desired consistency. There are 2 ways you can do this. Either get a consistent branding across all sites or get different branding aspects for departments, divisions or groups in your organization.

Compile Information

Second thing is to collect detailed information about the current sites and their characteristics. Check what template are they using and see whether there are any changes made to the CSS or master pages. This helps you to decide which of these customizations need to be retained.

Branding Areas

Branding can be carried out in different ways. You need to make decisions about which all areas you need to reflect your company’s branding aspects. Header/footer, logos, colors, and navigation are some good examples for the areas people usually pick to achieve a consistent branding experience on sites.

Decide Who Can Do This

Finding the right people to get this done is another important task. Consider people who can brand a site based on experience, skills, and total understanding of your company branding aspects. Provide them with enough permissions, including the site designer permissions.

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