10 Best Microsoft Teams Integrations That Let You Work Smarter

The aim of Microsoft Teams is to bring everything your employees could ask for into one place. May it be different services or workplace tools for apps, Microsoft Teams have it all for your dispersal as required. One great advantage is that the tools integrated into the Teams include both apps/tools made by Microsoft and the ones from other makers. In order to make the most of the Teams, you need to have a good idea about the integrations of Microsoft Teams.

You can make use of the integrations to input more value into areas like project management, employee polls, custom feedback, workflow managing, etc. Here are the top 10 integrations of Teams that let your employees work smarter.

1 – Twitter

Being one of the largest social networks in the world today, Twitter can be used as a tool to accumulate customer feedback. Twitter integration is a great idea to track your customer’s activities online or interaction with your brand.

2 – ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a brilliant integration available in Microsoft Teams that brings digital workflows that enrich productivity and offers a great experience to users. The modern digital workplace experience ensures that employees can access resources easily when they want them handy.

3 – Trello

Ever dreamt about organizing projects and making project collaboration a fun process? Trello can make that a reality by offering abilities to organize and prioritize projects in a very flexible manner. With this integration, you can manage projects without leaving Teams and even make conversations about projects.

4 – Polly

With Polly integration, you can conduct freeform polls and multiple-choice polls easily, and get results in real-time. The advantage is that you can conduct quick polls and your team’s workflow will not be affected by this process.

5 – Zoom.ai

What if you have an automated administrated assistant who lives inside your calendar, email inbox or chat? It can schedule team meetings, brief on your day, and manage documents as per your commands. It let you do work smarter and achieve excellent experience no matter where you work.

These are the first top 5 integrations of Microsoft Teams that assure a smarter digital workspace for your employees. Rest of the 5 integrations in the list will be explained in the next part of this blog series. Meanwhile, let’s give you an insight about Dock 365 SharePoint Intranet Portal, which has a similar line-of-action when it comes to efficiency, collaboration, and communication.


Alex K Joseph