Full-Service SharePoint Consulting, and Custom Application Development for all Your Business Needs

At Global Infonet, Microsoft SharePoint is our specialty. We know all the ins and outs of SharePoint and will show you exactly how it can help your company grow. We offer services in consulting, building training and deploying so we can guide you through the process from vision to reality.


We will meet with you and your team and take a look at your business processes. From there we’ll help you figure out the best way to use SharePoint to manage your business.

We’ll take an in-depth look at your existing SharePoint environment and help you figure out exactly what you need to get on the path to success. We’ll work with you to figure out everything you need to make your business ready to start growing.

Once we know what your business needs from your SharePoint, we’ll make a detailed, trackable plan of how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Everything we do at Global Infonet is transparent and clear so we’ll make sure you completely understand what we want to do for your team and why we’re doing it.

We’ll get to know how your business runs and help you set up a plan to govern your new SharePoint environment. This means before you get started with SharePoint we’ll decide who will be responsible for each feature. Having a clear guideline of roles and responsibilities will help to ensure that all your employees have a strong start in their new SharePoint environment.

SharePoint is home to all of your company’s essential documents so security should be one of your highest priorities. During our audit, we’ll review your SharePoint environment to make sure that your documents and data are completely secure.


We have perfected a readiness program to train your employees. Avoid the slowdowns that occur with traditional SharePoint deployments by thoroughly training your employees. We’ll make sure your team gets off to a smooth start with a SharePoint environment they are completely comfortable and competent working within.

Don’t let the stress of deploying SharePoint cause you to lose valuable time and resources. We’ll handle your deployment and make sure all your data and information are ready to go.

As SharePoint changes over time, a lot of businesses continue to use the same version of SharePoint they started with years ago. Upgrading your SharePoint environment to a newer version is the key to unlocking all amazing productivity and organizational features Microsoft has developed for businesses like yours. We will help you move all your data, processes and team members into a newer version of SharePoint, making sure your transition is completely seamless.

Migrating your existing SharePoint environment is a great way to improve productivity for disconnected or traveling teams. With Office 365, you can access SharePoint from any device, virtually anywhere in the world, so productivity can happen whenever and wherever. However, migrating to Office 365 takes a lot of time and effort, which can slow down your business practices. Let us help you get everything transitioned smoothly for you.


Intranet Development

Your company’s intranet is the central-hub of its communication. By providing a place for all your teams to converge, communicate and collaborate, your intranet will quickly become the first stop for all your employee’s work-day needs. Never settle for less than tailor-made perfection in your businesses central hub. The SharePoint experts at Global Infonet will create a completely customized SharePoint intranet from the ground up. We’ll learn exactly what features your team need and implement them, driving your team to success.


Extranet Development

With customers demanding more personalized services and experiences, extranet sites are growing more important than ever. With a SharePoint extranet site, we can build you the key to communication and collaboration between your team and your clientele. A SharePoint extranet site will help streamline the back-and-forth between your customers and your team while still providing a personalized-feeling experience.