Office 365 for Construction Industry

Office 365 for Construction Industry

The New Office for Construction

Users on the road:
More than 80 percent of people in construction work away from their desk. People such as plumbers, mechanics, woodworkers, utility workers and so on, make their money on the road, building houses, offices, and roads to name but a few. To this end, these people need to be able to get their work done away from anywhere. They need access to the things important to them, and they want and need to access them using the mobile devices they have, whether it’s a smartphone or table. For the plumber, as an example, this accessibility could mean checking the availability of a part, or the price of a service, or changes in their schedule while on site, in the moment, as opposed to having to call a customer back later.

When engineers work on a specific configuration, such as designing a home kitchen, they need to be able to access the plans while at the home they’re working on. They may also need to see what’s in stock. Limited access to email on smartphones and other devices keeps them from staying current with objects, answering emails in a timely fashion, and accessing documents and pictures that they need to reference when off-site.

Challenges of Get More for Your Investment:

Scale up and down: Many projects are created for a short amount of time and then broken down when completed. Many construction companies also are severely impacted by economic upturns and downturns. As a result, these companies bring aboard or let go of people all the time. To this end, companies want solutions that they can easily build up and expand or scale down according to their needs and fluctuations in growth. It’s hard to keep track of licensing costs and there’s often confusion over switching licenses.

Affordable costs: With construction, you often have your staff, your people in the field, and then your external contractors who are temporarily brought into the fold on a project. With all of these moving pieces, it’s imperative that all parties can communicate with each other and access the same information without incurring exorbitant costs. Ideally, a company could achieve this affordably in such a way as to accurately measure and predict costs.


Office 365 is your complete office in the cloud.

When we say “complete office”, first of all, we mean the Office apps that you know and love – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook. With Office 365, you get these same apps as you have always used them, as desktop apps. The difference is, you are now subscribing to Office. Which means, you will always get the latest version of these Office apps on your desktop (for use whether you are online or offline), but also Office Web Apps for editing in the browser and Office Mobile on your smart phones for viewing and editing on the go.

What’s unique about Office 365, compared to any other cloud provider, is that:

  • It comes with the full Office – the same apps that you or your employees rely on – but now on all your devices, and let you do your work even when you are offline so you can be truly productive from anywhere.

  • What’s also unique with Office 365 is that it has the broadest definition of what productivity services are needed to run a business – it’s definitely more than just email! And, all the services are enterprise-grade services – trusted by large corporations too – designed to give you the reliability you expect while helping you work better together within your company but also with customers and partners.

  • Examples of enterprise customers using Office 365: Coca-Cola Enterprises (72,000 employees), Starbucks, Campbell’s Soup, Hyatt Hotels (106,000 employees), the Department of Veterans Affairs (600,000 employees), Lowe’s (>200,000 employees), Hallmark (9,500 employees), Japan Airlines (20,000 employees), and Burger King (3,500 users).

  • And all the services are guaranteed 99.9% uptime under the same SLA – so we don’t put out anything in beta for you to test and then remove it later on without any warning. We do not violate your privacy or confidentiality requirements by using scanning technologies to read your email for targeting advertising. We help simplify your IT management while still keeping you in control of your business and data.

  • And what it all comes down to is you get the most for your IT investment when you invest in Office 365.

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