Metaprogramming in .NET

Metaprogramming in .NET

Metaprogramming in .NET

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Metaprogramming is the art of writing of computer programs that manipulate other programs as their data and do part of the work at assembling time that is usually done during runtime. This allows programmers to get more done in the same amount of time and it gives programs greater flexibility to efficiently handle new situations without recompilation.

Code-generating programs are sometimes called metaprograms, writing such programs are called metaprogramming. If you think in terms of the applications that are used daily in your organization, you will realize that writing programs that write code has numerous applications.

The performance and functionality of a program depends a great deal on its runtime environment, which can vary a great deal from session to session. Metaprogramming is a style of software development that incorporates runtime information into its decision-making. Metaprogramming techniques like reflection and code generation can make your software more adaptive and reusable. The .NET Framework exposes many metaprogramming capabilities including code generation systems, application composition frameworks, and scripting technologies. Talk to our representative to know how your organization can yield on this technique. MSDN magazine has more on this.

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