HTML5 vs Silverlight5 Decision Chart

HTML5 vs Silverlight5 Decision Chart

HTML5 vs Silverlight5 Decision Chart

Sometimes a user may get tired of having to constantly enter their username/password when accessing a SharePoint site. By adding the SharePoint site to your "Local Intranet" zone, one can have Internet Explorer remember login credentials. Here are the steps:

Of course, things in life are rarely that simple. I hate it when people ask me, "which is better?". Everyone needs an easy answer. Apart from a boolean response, the next best thing is a simple enough decision chart. I hunted high and low for one but couldn't find it. Maybe my googling skills are getting rusty but either way, here you go; a simple enough decision chart that covers pretty much all the important points needed to choose between these technologies.

I don't like to put stuff like Security and Performance. That is really down to your architecture and coding. Both Silverlight and HTML5 have GPU acceleration, so performance shouldn't be a concern.

Another debatable point is Productivity. It's easy to say, with all the tooling and IDE support, Silverlight just has to be more productive since you don't have to deal with cross browser rendering issues and so on. Then again, if you have your own dedicated team of designers with years of experience, these things are second nature to them and the overall development time is going to end up being more or less the same.

  • Familiar over better

I am also not covering stuff like tooling and cost. If you're a web firm and the fact that you're considering Silverlight, it automatically suggests you already have the tools and infrastructure to develop and support these technologies.

One potential deal breaker that I didn't cover is the skillset. On an average, I'd say it's easier to learn HTML5 for someone who's already in to web development and designed as opposed to a fresher in Silverlight/WPF. You'll have to choose between your familiarity and your requirements.

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