Factors You Need to Consider Before Planning a Permissions Strategy

Permissions strategy in SharePoint Online has great significance when it comes to performance and manageability of the sites. With an effective permissions strategy, you can not only guarantee compliance with the data governance policies of the organization but also cut down the cost of maintenance. Here you will get to know about some of the most important factors that you need to consider before planning a permissions strategy.

The need to strategize

It is a fact that most of the SharePoint Sites are created for distributing information to a group of people or for solving a specific issue. Due to the fast pace in which the site creation process is done, the permissions settings might not be strong enough to meet the requirements of the site as it grows with time. It will end up in everyone having permission to control subsites or need for new permission allotments each time they access a new site. The best solution is to set up a good permissions strategy.

Areas that gains better control

Data governance, cost of maintenance, and manageability and performance are the areas that gain better control once a good permission strategy is created. Each company will have unique data governance policies and it is important to ensure that the site is having good compliance over such aspects.

An effective permissions strategy also utilizes the permissions levels, security groups, and permissions inheritance features to enhance ease of use for site users. Moreover, the permissions strategy will have a positive impact over the ease in managing sites and the speed in which the site is responding to various commands.     

The second part of this blog series gives you proven techniques to form an effective permissions strategy. The aim should be to create an easy to maintain and simple permissions strategy. If you have a good intranet portal, assigning permissions can be made a lot easier. Let’s introduce you to Dock 365 in that light!

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